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Reducing the load required to haul a riser, umbilical or cable up a J-tube is a crucial element in their efficient installation offshore.
Slipkote was developed as a friction reducing lubricant to significantly lower the resultant forces during this pull in process. Additionally this can reduce the platform winch-load and ease the operation, leading to major time+cost benefits for installation contractors.

Technical/Research Data
Slipkote is delivered in 25 litre containers and is a viscous liquid that can be brushed onto the required surface, typically 1 litre per 4m2 of surface area. It then dries to form a waxy coating which, upon contact with water, activates and develops an extremely low coefficient of friction. After 1 or 2 days immersion in water Slipkote dissolves naturally without harming marine life.
An installation contractor's test report has noted that:
“the Slipkote lubricant, which has been used in the past for J-tube pulls, performed well, with reductions greater than 50% of the pull in forces compared with pulls performed with no lubrication.”
During tests conducted by the UK National Engineering Laboratory, it was confirmed that “interference fit” J-tube seal pull in forces were reduced from 12 tonne (dry) to 2.5 tonne (wet with Slipkote).
Therefore, Slipkote can make a significant contribution to the success of an offshore pull in.

Track Record
A full track record comprehensively dating from 1988 to the present date is available.
Found below are some project highlights in the establishment of Slipkote as an industry-accepted product.

1988 - Norsk Hydro AS Oseberg. Riser pulls for Allseas. Referred to at O.T.C paper 6170 May ’89
1991 - Marathon Brae A&B. Powercable and umbilical pulls for Seaway. Referred to at O.P.T paper Feb ‘93
2010 - Global Marine fibre-optic cable to Judy platform
2011 – NKT Flexibles ONGC PRP2 Project j-tube seal
2012 – Technip Endeavour Energy Rochelle project j-tube pull
2012 – Larsen & Tubro ADMA-Opco project j-tube seal

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